Product Idea |


Dear Lego Team,

HCC is a details vehicle, like a turtle, the car of which can independently transfer its home to any allowed place. 

The House has two fixed windows (front & one side) one side door and open gate at back side. The bottom side is mainly open to allow the car‘s tires to enter on ground and fix the car body on bottom brick of the house.  Rear side seems as a caravan with stop lights and plates.

Rear open gate of the house is for entrance of the traditional car, which is designed individually, it has a handy-horn on front panel, and a small circle control unit. Two mini-figures can seat on the car, one front one rear. 

The idea is what if a car garage could be moved by its own car and “parked” in the city on allowed area as a “house”.

Furthermore this could be easily added to other Lego sets as a transition concept, as a transfer cabinet time machine between centuries (from a modern house a traditional car explores). New generation loves changes rather than fixing on them.

Hope this concept makes fun:))


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