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B22 Assault Robot

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Hello, My name is Brumzgar and this is my B22 Assault Robot.

B22 is a long range battle support machine, created in purpose to help any military forces from far away.
Any Pilot after special Training is Able to Navigate and control him from his special cockpit.

It is also possible to make use of him on short distance without any human Pilot inside due to his new "Auto Pilot" control system.
B22 is Durable and Reliable machine, created to dominate any battlefront upon him.

B22's movement systems are full functional in almost every kind of environment with his complex navigate software's.
His Legs are programmed to modify for any landscape difficulties, such as swamps, mountains or any other terrain.

Also B22 cannons are able to transform into "Robo Jetpack", which allows him to fly over any depression at the cost of high fuel expense.

He is easy to transport and easy to deploy.
I hope u will make usage of B22 in any of your military campaign!


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