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The Dragonmaster


This is the castle of The Dragonmaster.  Dragons are said to have special powers especially when they are near water, and so the Dragonmaster has created a castle, with a strongroom containing secret scrolls and treasure, and a water source.  The dragon has been commanded to guard the tower, protecting the scrolls and treasure against attack, and to ward off the dark forces. 

Guards keep watch at night, armed with crossbows and swords, and use the other tower for shelter on cold nights where there is a fireplace. 

There is also a water tower, where water is carried from a nearby stream and stored in the tank below.  The gates are guarded by bats and gargoyles that overlook the whole castle, along with a golden Cobra that also acts as a lightning conductor during a storm.

This model started out as just a wall, allowing me to practice different brick patterns, and while doing it I created a square base.  I copied it and overlapped it with the first base, and it immediately looked like the base for a castle.  It all developed from there.  The model contains 1496 bricks.

Photos of the model can also be found here


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