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JF-60 Shadow


About This Project

This is the JF-60 Shadow a stealth space fighter ship that is very versatile. The Shadow is excellent in almost any mission you can think of. Whether it's escorting larger ships or strike missions this spaceship will do the job well. For weapons the Shadow has two large cannons, one under each wing, for it's main weapons. Also it has six rockets(four of one type and two larger ones) which can target ground and air forces. The secondary boosters are adjustable. Many of the tail fins can be adjusted however you want. The landing gear doubles as a drone capable of scouting ahead and getting into hard to reach places. The cockpit can detach from the rest of the ship in case of emergency or to explore small spaces that the rest of the ship can not fit. 

Play Features:

  • The cockpit can hold one minifigure.
  • The cockpit can detach from the rest of the ship.
  • The landing gear doubles as a drone that can detach from the bottom of the ship.
  • Rear tail wings are adjustable as well as the secondary boosters.


  • One minifigure.

This is the first spaceship I built as an adult. I think it's cool and if you do too please support, follow, and share. Thank you for your time and support.

Thank you for your support.