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Lego Arms BrickHeadz


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Lego Arms BrickHeadz --- Featuring Twintelle and Ninjara 

Based off the popular Nintendo Switch game, Lego Arms Brickheadz takes two of the famed fighters and presents them in a fun brick-built display! 


Arms has a lot of unique characters. Countless fighters of different shapes and sizes can be played as using the Switch Console game. The silver screen queen and the master of stealth are both very popular fighters. Twintelle comes with adjustable hair with fists that and open and close. She has printed bricks on her torso and I think some more detail can be added to her face/hair as well. Ninjara also has posable arms with his own weapons of choice: chakram blades. His figure also includes printed detail with his own symbol (same as Twintelle) centered on his chest. 

Why should there be Lego Arms Brickheadz? 

Lego and Nintendo have yet to collaborate in a project taking two things people love---lego bricks and video games---and bringing them together. BrickHeadz is a new Lego product featuring cute cube-like figures of iconic properties and licenses. While a Lego Arms set with minifigures may not be on the table, its more probable that they would be made into the new collectable figures made out of bricks. I love Lego and Nintendo's video games. I decided to make my own bricks versions of some of the characters and even posted them here to be entered as a potential Ideas set. If you love Lego and Nintendo like I do, then this Ideas set is for you! Vote for Lego Arms BrickHeadz today!

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