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Vernazza: Italian Fishing Village

Welcome to Cinque Terre, Italy! 

It is known that the Liguria region is home to a group of awesome towns. Some of them are some of the most beautiful places in the world and Vernazza in particular is the perfect example.

Vernazza is the fourth town (facing north) in the Cinque Terre. Its streets are pedestrianized: there is no traffic, only a road leads to a car park on the edge of the town. Currently it is preserved as one of the most authentic "fishing villages" of the Italian Riviera. There are many interesting places to visit around here such as: the Doria castle, the two sheltered beaches between the cliffs and the main bay where the boats are moored and which also has its own beach. In addition to swimming, sailing or snorkeling there are numerous trekking trails and paths to walk through the mountains.

It is highly recommended to get to visit this wonderful town but while we organize the trip... why not familiarize yourself with its beautiful places by building this idea? Building Vernazza could be a unique experience, suitable for all types of Lego fans. And more interesting: it would allow the youngest members of the house to be taught the value of preserving traditions and villages for future generations.

On October 25, 2011, Vernazza suffered a terrible flood due to heavy rains. After two years of restoration work, the town managed to recover its identity. This model is a tribute to its people and their incredible effort and resilience with which they have managed to recover from that devastation.

I hope you like this idea and that it inspires you to continue developing micro-scale buildings. It is fascinating how we can travel through our imagination and Lego bricks. Never stop traveling as it opens your mind and your heart. And of course, never stop building your dreams!

Construction and design time: over 2 months
Bricks: 2644

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