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Spirit of St. Louis

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The famed Ryan NYP (New York to Paris) Spirit of St. Louis surely needs no introduction. Piloted by the gutsy Charles Lindbergh, one-time airmail pilot, it went on to complete the first transatlantic solo flight from New York to Paris. Lindbergh's flight won him both the Orteig prize of $25,000 (probably a lot of money in those days) as well as lasting fame in the world of aviation. A true pioneer, much like the other airmen and women of his time such as Amelia Earhart and Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Lindbergh showed the world what was possible with man and machine.


About the model:

A very pleasant build, completed in about a day. I really enjoyed building the cockpit and nose sections, and added lots of small details. I am aware that Lego has built an official Spirit before(set no. 456 or 661), but that set is nearly 40 years old and not designed for minifigs! Thus, I propose this accurate 1/40 scale collector's set, complete with base and Lindbergh himself.


  • Lindbergh minifig. I mean, who wouldn't want one? ;)
  • The wing is removable, so you can fit Lindbergh into the cockpit (yes, it fits a complete fig!)
  • Moveable ailerons
  • Strong and robust bracing construction, which is designed to stand even with the wing removed
  • Includes a base which represents the Paris Le Bourget airport at which Lindbergh landed
  • Part count (Spirit + base) = 344 +209 = 553 bricks
  • It would be awesome if Lego could give us chrome parts for the engine panels, as represented in my renders, but if this is not possible due to costs, pearl silver can be used as a substitute.

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