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Octan Gas Station Accessory Pack


The latest city gas station set got me thinking, where is there an ATM to get cash, no fridge to buy a carton of milk, etc.,.

So this four piece kit should help, plus it can be used in other stores also.

A newspaper stand, an ATM, lube & accessory stand and finally a dairy case with milk and cheese,

No minifigs are in this set as it's a series of mini builds in one box.

The newspapers are printed tiles, everything else is stickers.

On the accessory stand, are stop light globes and brake fluid bottles.

The ATM still has it's play feature of an opening front while still looking realistic.

The cost prices on this would be under 25 dollars US and a part count under 70.

If you like this set idea please support and follow this.

Thank you for reading and Brick On everyone ! 

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