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Vacation Suitcase


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The Vacation Suitcase

A small suitcase filled with a vacation scene.
It has water, sand and grass.
3 minifigs a dolphin and parrot can have a lot of fun here.
very playable because there is enough space to actually reach in with your hands.

The suitcase has been to all Lego parks as you can see from it's stickers.
They are seen in the last photo.
If I ever find out how I'll put that phote here.


The idea came from the FBsite: Lego Build off's and Banter.
With this idea won a build off with the topic: Travel.
This was a reason for me to enter it in Ideas.
I had al lot of nice comments on it, and hope you like it too!
Because in the build off you "only" have 90 minutes I changed some things.
Well, mostly added to it.

I had a lot of fun building it. And hope you'll support this Idea.

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