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Fortified Medieval Townhall

This is my first project on LEGO Ideas. I'd love to see more Castle themed sets from LEGO, so here is my attempt. I'm greatly looking forward to constructive feedback for future improvements for this and future projects.

I made the back of the building open for accessibility and reduction of bricks (it currently has 2662 bricks). It's also made to be modular and floors are removable for extra access.

For this project I tried a couple of different ways of making a medieval/gothic style window and I tried to keep it realistic. Since it's a prestigious building, I built the outside fully in grey to emphasize it's a stone-built building. There is also only minimal weathering on the building to emphasize the fact that this building would be kept in pristine condition. The tower is fortified and has many different defensive features, such as arrow loops, machicolations, crenelations, etc.

The first floor features a feast-hall with a large fireplace. It also has a small storage room for food and drink. The second floor features the hall where the towns' council can meet. It features a table, four comfortable seats, and a desk for writing down notes on the meetings.

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