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Bionicle: Volprax T4


1st Part Of Story Below!!!

Important!: The white pieces are not actually included in the set!

They are simply included in the picture to take place of the pieces that Lego Digital Designer does not have.

Also I will be using the old Bionicle terms in this description (such as Matoran (Villager), Ta-Matoran (Fire Villager), and Ga-Matoran (Water Villager))

The Set: The set includes two Matoran, the Volprax T4 vehicle, and a green skull spider. Both Matoran can be attached to the vehicle. For play value, the set would include two stud shooters (which would take place of the white "Headlights" on the handlebars of the vehicle), stickers or printed pieces on the control panels (see image #19), and the front of the vehicle can be Hinged upwards, once the control pannel has been taken out, in order to hold the captured skull spider. The white pieces on the Matoran would be the actual Bionicle heads, masks, and armor (pieces that have not been added to Lego Digital Designer yet). this set has 304 bricks total (counting the other pieces needed to build the new style Bionicle heads, and 12 studs for the stud shooters).

Problems: The only problem with this set is the front wheel. The wheel is not that thick, and not very securely attached at all.

1st Part Of Story:

          Rivak was having a problem. He had already broken two screwdrivers, four wrenches, and 47 screws, washers, and nails.

          And Ekimu knows what else, he thought to himself.

          "Tanala is going to be here any minute," he said welding on the handlebars, "And I better not keep her waiting, like the last three times..." 

          "Is talking to oneself the new thing in the fire region?" a Ga-Matoran asked.

          "Tanala!" Rivak exclaimed. "It's not quite finished yet..."

          "Are your inventions ever finished?"

          "Well, no, but this one's almost done," he said pulling a tarp over his work. "Just give me a minute and I should be done."

          "Okay," Tanala said with a smile, "I'll give you your "minute."

          "Thanks!" Rivak said relieved as he went back to his work.

          Tanala, knowing a "minute" for Rivak was at least a half hour for everyone else, went outside and sat down on the rocks Rivak used for seats for his guests. The Ga-Matoran looked around. She had been here six times, with this being the seventh, in the past year, yet every time she came here, everything felt new.

          Must be how all Matoran feel going into a different region, she thought. And Rivak doesn't live in the most recognizable place either.

          The Ta-Matoran called Rivak lived on the outskirts of a village in the region of fire, having being banned from living in the village by his inventions exploding and the noise from his tools at night. Being banned from living in the village, yet he could still travel to it and buy things. For some of Rivak's inventions, he needed to travel to other regions, and it was during one of these trips that he bumped into Tanala. Literally.

          Rivak had come to the water region to pick up an engine for a vessel that he hoped would sail on lava. After paying for the engine, Rivak scurried home in order to proceed with his design.

          This is going to be my greatest and most useful invention yet, he thought.

          He smiled over the idea of success and about his future, but, consequently, forgot about the present, and where he was going, which caused him to trip over something and fall flat on his mask. While regaining his equipment, and composure, as well as grumbling about stupid Matoran leaving junk for others to trip on, he noticed that the cause of his fall was another Matoran. A Ga-Matoran that he thought to be very beautiful. After a few moments of staring at her, Rivak shook his head awake and introduced himself.

          "Tanala," he repeated, since the Ga-Matroan had told him her name. Seeing the chance to make a good first impression, Rivak than added, " What a beautiful name."

          "Thank you," Tanala said with a smile. "By the way," she continued, "I noticed you were carrying an engine. Would you mind telling me what it's for?"

          Rivak could not not have been happier to tell her.

          Usually Matoran would be bored with my ideas, Rivak thought enthusiastically. Tanala is actually interested by them!

          As he paused to take a breath, Rivak noticed that the sky was darkening.

          "Why don't you come over at my place?" He said hoping. "You can see the plans for my inventions..." 

          Tanala couldn't refuse. After all, what other Matoran in Okoto did these kinds of things?

          The pair would reach Rivak's house in the morning, and Tanala would leave at noon, with a promise to the Ta-Matoran that she would come back when his invention was done.

          He seems so lonely, she thought to herself. I could not have turned him down even if I wanted to.

         Tanala's thoughts were interrupted by a small explosion, followed by several mechanical coughs. The Ga-Matoran saw Rivak peer out of his workshop door, and even with his mask on, Tanala could tell that he was grinning from hearing receptor to hearing receptor. The Ga-Matoran looked at the clock Rivak had on his porch.

          45 minutes, she thought to herself. Well it didn't explode yet so that's a good sign.

          A roaring noise ripped through the silence of the night as Rivak rolled his invention out of his workshop, and the Ga-Matoran smiled with awe as he tore the sheet off to reveal...


2nd part of story coming soon!

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