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Sci-Fi Fire Service Alpha Squadron

It's been a while since I've uploaded any models for this theme, but this is the latest addition to my Sci-Fi Fire Service theme. It's called the Alpha Squadron, and the set comprises of two vehicles: a stealth truck and a glider bike.

Both vehicle feature stud shooters (four on the truck, and two on the bike), and the bike also features two flick fire missiles. Each vehicle also features its own unique function:

- the truck and launch what appears to be its spoiler which becomes a mini recon drone

- the bike can fold out its retractable wings to become a glider

The idea of the Alpha Squadron is that they are a recon team, who are dispatched just ahead of the main rescue vehicles to assess the situation, and then they relay their analysis and information to the primary rescue team who can then use that information to carry out the rescue as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The truck measures over 25cm long, and the bike measures over 13cm long.

I do hope you like this set, and thanks in advance for the support and feedback



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