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Classic Monopoly Board Game

Fun for the whole family! With gameplay for 2-8 players this is truly the most collaborative Lego set ever made. Bringing family and friends together, this Lego set perfectly captures the values of the Lego Group. This set is a great way to share your Lego passion with others!
Lego modularity allows for the tokens, houses, and hotels to be fully customizable to your liking. Use the included tokens and hotel/housing pieces or raid your own Lego collection to play with your own pieces and characters!
Designed with an integrated hinge mechanism that allows the board to fold up just like the normal game. With Lego providing a sturdy box, cards, and play money this set is a truly 100% playable board game.
·        Playable, Foldable, Monopoly Board Game
·        2 Minifigures (Rich Uncle Pennybags, Police Officer)
·        Tokens for 2-8 Players
·        Parts to build custom houses or Hotels
·        Game Box, Cards, Dice, and Money for gameplay
Monopoly – The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game has been a home classic since 1935 when Parker Brothers first released it. As one of the best-selling board games of all time this set would be an excellent opportunity for Lego to serve current customers and expand to new markets. With Monopoly celebrating 90 years in 2035 this is a perfect time to release a 90-year anniversary set and then Lego can release another 100-years anniversary set in another 10 years.
Since Monopoly is so popular there are countless versions. I went with the version I remember playing with my family growing up. If you would like to see a Lego themed version with properties based on the greatest Lego themes see my other submissions! Let Lego know in the comments what version or themes you want to see!
Hope you like it as much as I do. Be sure to check out my other submissions as well. Thanks for your support!

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