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Odyssey - The Panther

The Panther - The Odyssey Core's flag bearer

60% of the OC's entire fleet is comprised of The Panther. It's fast, nimble (thanks to its hover technology) and has a great combination of firepower and range. It's the perfect all round military vehicle. 

As a set in contains 923 pieces, and measure over 35cm long. It's an awesome addition to any LEGO collection, whether it's alongside its other fellow Odyssey models, or even if its just a stand alone model. With an intricate design and almost 1000 pieces, this set is also great fun to build, and provides loads of playability once it has been built. Its features include:

- independently swivelling hover pods

- massive rotating and elevating cannon

- adjustable wing and flaps

- detachable jet/escape pod

I do hope you like the model, and thanks in advance for any feedback and support.



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