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Sunny View Hostel With Shuttle Bus

Guests who stay at this 4-room rental hostel can arrive with the included shuttle bus or their own vehicle, such as the motorcycles also part of this set.

  • The ground level has a lounge area as well as a service desk where room keys can be obtained.
  • On the second and third floor, each room is equipped with a mini fridge, hot plate, bed with night table and a television set. Renters have access to their rooms via elevators located at either side of the building, and the four balconies each have a chair and table convenient for outdoor meals.
  • The roof area allows guests to practice their diving skills using the pool's diving board, and a table with seating for two is available for relaxation.
  • The shuttle bus can carry a driver and four travelers, and baggage storage is available beneath and within the vehicle's cabin. Spacious seating allows room for reading, gaming or meal consumption during trips.

The purpose of this build was to provide a staycation type of venue different from most that is ideal for most city layouts. The small rooms had provided the challenge of making use of the most possible space in a creative way, therefore many useful miniature models were added inside.

This displayable and fun set will make a fine addition for those who like having modern buildings in their collection. There are many versatile parts a collector can include in their future projects. The bricks used to build the array of furniture will provide the basics for all types of alternate builds, especially related to housing or vacation type interiors.

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