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Vintage Gas Station


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Paying homage to the Vintage Gas Station, one of the iconic structures of the 20th Century.

For this build I researched and looked for inspiration from pictures of gas stations along the famed Route 66. Mostly said stations were isolated thus were required to have a store and a repair garage. Most pictures I've seen have benches, coke and candy dispensing machines. To this I added a gumball dispenser, a newspaper rack, various automotive signs and the box for oil bottles. The facade is built from sturdy bricks while the house itself was made out of wood. Added a windmill for water supply.

The Ford Model T also known as the "Tin Lizzie" is an automobile that was produced by the Ford Motor Company from October 1, 1908, to May 26, 1927. It is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile the car that opened travel to common middle class Americans.For this assembly I tried to make it as proportional to the Lego figure as I could. Incorporating 4 functional doors, separate windshields, the crank starter, as well as additional front head lights and side mirrors.

The Vintage Gas Pumps complete the ensemble.

Again all these assembly are meant to be played so simplicity in design and build is emphasized.

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