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Thunderbird 2&4


Thunderbird 2&4

Hello, this is my second LEGO ideas project, I made TB2 and TB4 from 2015 television series Thunderbirds Are Go. It is a remake of the 1960s  television Thunderbirds created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and is made using with a combination of scale model miniature effects and CGI.

In this series, TB2 is piloted by  Virgil Tracy, active almost all stories as auxiliary equipment transporter. And TB4 is piloted by Gordon Tracy, active as underwarter search and rescue.

This project includes: TB2, TB4, Virgil and Gordon minifigure

Specs of TB2: 3 minifigures can ride on, wings and landing gear can fold and unfold, and the pod included TB4 is detachable.

Specs of TB4:A minifigure can ride on.The robotic arms can fold and unfold.

About size of TB2​: 32cm length, 24cm width(include wings) and 10cm height

About size of TB4: 9cm length, 6cm width and 5cm height

Thank you for visiting my project. Please support this project and realize the LEGO TB2&TB4 together!

Also I have another Thunderbird project, Thunderbird 1. Please visit and support.

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