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Working Dogs


Dogs are incredible creatures and they truly are humans' best friends. Working dogs ​have natural talents that are carefully honed with intensive training. They are trained to help others and they love to work. I design three types of working dogs including their off-duty look as follows:


SAR Dogs - Terrier

Terriers have great agility and exceptional senses of smell and hearing. They wear orange vests that identify them as working dogs. The specifically-designed shoes can protect their paws from glass and other sharp objects while carrying out their duties.


Alpine SAR Dogs - Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is a giant purebred famous for its alpine rescues and its hard working nature. Today it is also a loved companion found in many large family homes. This Saint Bernard is designed carrying a restorative keg of wine around the neck to help warm you up.


Guide Dogs - Border Collie

Guide dogs are assistance dogs trained to lead blind and visually impaired people around obstacles. Border Collies are great and highly trainable dogs. This Border Collie has a harness on it with a handle, so that the guide dog user can hold onto it and be guided safely on the street.

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