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The Dairy


"The Dairy"

I Created a very busy Dairy,

It has 2800 parts. 

I think this would have amazing play value if Lego decided to turn it into a real set, but would also look great on display.

Things this model Could include:-

  • Dairy Sign is of 3D design with Milk bottles and Cheese.
  • 2 Vehicles, a Milk Delivery Van (a Milk Float if you live in the UK) and a Blue Fork lift Truck.
  • 5 Mini Figures to help out around the dairy and drive the 2 vehicles.
  • 5 Cows and a farmer, a Cat, 2 Birds and too many rats:)
  • Lots of Milk Bottles, some Full, some Empty.
  • An outside Toilet (Its free standing, so It can be placed anywhere)
  • A Drinks machine for when the workers get thirsty.
  • A Radio to dance to when they are on their lunch Break.
  • A Dumpster to collect all the carbage.
  • Loading bay area folds down to allow access for forklift into the main building.( 2 hinged parts underneath the ramp that fold away)
  • Side of Building has sliding doors (I used the shutter pieces but rotated 90 degrees)
  • Cows goes up the ramp and are milked, drain underneath cows collect milk and fills bottles :)
  • The cow ramps fold upwards to close the building up for the Night. Security cameras on outside of building.
  • Dairy roof has sky Lights to let natural light into the dairy. The roof is hinged for easy access.
  • Drain pipe is recessed into the wall.
  • Pallet of cheese is wrapped in cling film, ready for delivery.
  • Lots of pallets and a yellow pallet truck.

Check out the photos for other objects lying around.

Hope you Like this project.

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