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1950s Murray Torpedo Roadmaster Pedal Car


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  While pedal cars have come in many different shapes and sizes in the 100+ years they have been around, Horse, Tractor, Car, Airplane etc, some of my favorites in the Car category come from the period of time immediately after WWII. This particular model is my take on the Murray Torpedo Roadmaster manufactured in the late 40s and early 50s, patterned after the classic automobile styling of the day. It is also one of the more desirable examples of its period for pedal car collectors, and reproduction models are still in production today. 

  I had the idea to build an "antique pedal car" not long ago and as I was searching through various types, looking for one i liked, this one really stood out to me. I really loved the classic lines and elegant styling from "the good old days". It also looked quite intimidating to design with all the angles and curved shaping, especially the hood and rear end, but I decided to give it a go anyhow. After many hours of design and redesign, and a very colorful test model, I finally was able to start sourcing the proper colored parts. Of course, during final assembly, there was a little more redesign.

  This concept model is 18" long, 9" wide, 9" tall, and contains around 2,000 parts. Of course it also has working steering and pedal assembly. I think this would be a great LEGO set for its uniqueness and originality, as well as its shapely styling and functional play features. I also believe it could appeal to a wider audience of not only avid LEGO fans but to pedal car enthusiasts who may not also be into LEGO, or that have been away from the brick for to long!

  Thanks for taking a look, I hope you like the model, and thanks for supporting!

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