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I Think, I Am an Ergo!

This LEGO idea started from a challenge in my rowing club to "recreate an erg using stuff around your home" (and there is just this one thing you'd find aplenty around my home...)

I wanted to recreate an indoor rowing machine (or ergometer, shortened as "ergo": see below for title explanation and fun fact) with realistic functionality and which could be assembled in its two main parts - exactly as you'd do when facing a real one!

Not yet satisfied, I then decided to add a moving human figure which could be "seated" on the ergometer (and locked into it), and which would move together with the machine reproducing the accurate motions of an athlete practicing indoor rowing.

I made a video to show you all these nice motions: check it out!

The video and pictures here show the LEGO idea as it was submitted (very last minute) for the rowing club challenge. However, I'm already working on some updates to make it neater and also to try to add a few more kinetic features... so please support my idea if you like it (comments and feedback are much appreciated!), and then keep an eye on it ;)

The title of this LEGO idea is an amusing translation of a renowned statement in Latin written by famous philosopher Descartes: "Cogito, ergo sum" (I think, therefore I am). "Ergo" means "therefore" in Latin, but it is also a popular nickname which rowers use to refer to the beloved indoor rowing machine: the Ergometer. Thus "ergo sum" (therefore I am) can also be read as "I am an Ergo" :)

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