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Lovely Scooter - Italien Vespa



Here is one of our first model we created for one of our costumers. It is the famous Italien scooter "Vespa" in a scale about 1:15. A few month ago a nice lady came in our shop and asked for a custom model of this motorcycle as a gift. Her daughter has just earned her driver license.
We took the opportunity and created that small but detailed model using a picture the lady gave us. We tried to use not that much rare parts, to  be able to reproduce it as often as we like and to set the price under 50,00 USD.
The scooter comes on a small diorama, includes about 180 pieces and has working handlebars. Especially the flashing headlight and the typical red make this model distinctive. But it should be also possible to create this one in white or black, as well as in combination with some more "chrome" parts.

There are a lot of scooter fans in the world and we are sure a lot of them would love to own their real scooter in a LEGO-Model version.
This is a nice Gift or collectors model wich could take place next to MiniCooper or T1 in your showcase.

Who wants to take a ride with it? 

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