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Lego Clock

A working clock displaying minifigs and mini models! Looks great on your wall, built using 800 bricks and with a real clock and pendulum mechanism, this clock is easily customised to display your favourite themes of minimodels and minifigs. Features advanced building techniques and specialist parts for details - barrels, goblets, bottles and a wagon wheel. The spiral staircases and doorways complement the design and shape of the clock and are perfectly scaled to your minifigs.

Different minimodels and minifigs are easily changed, so you can regularly customise the look of the clock. Maybe a Lego City / Creator theme, or Toy Story, or Star Wars ?

The clock mechanism is secured on a piece of white sheet plastic which is clipped into brick gaps behind the main clock model. The pendulum is mounted on a technic pin and fixed to the pendulum lever of the clock mechanism. Technic is used to strengthen the clock on the back, to ensure the bricks can't come apart when hung on the wall.

Some further views of details of the clock:

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