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Cargo X-Ray Machine

This model of X-ray machine for cargo from the company "Smith detection" is symbolic of all machines that are supposed to process safe cargo for air transport, as it happens in countless hangars around the world.
These machines are located in many cargo halls and are the work area of security guards for cargo inspection and customs. They help to safely screen the cargo by means of X-rays and display the X-ray image of the inside of the cargo on a monitor.
Based on this image, the inspectors can then decide whether the cargo can be classified as "Safe" or "Unsafe" to undergo further specific inspections.
The model is to be a display model and consists of approx. 1300 Lego bricks.
It has been safely built between sturdy ram protection superstructures so that these delicate machines are not accidentally hit by forklifts, as there is usually a lot of traffic in the cargo halls.
The idea for this model is related to my daily work in a cargo hall on x-ray machines.
I hope my model inspires.

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