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Chess Park

This project was inspired by my memories of a park in New Zealand that I visited as a child.

When I was in elementary school, I went to summer school in New Zealand. The schools I attended had many outings to the park for English practice and cricket games. This park also had something that fascinated me that I had never seen before. A huge chessboard. I still vividly remember people playing chess on this huge chessboard by pushing the enlarged pieces with their feet. Recently, I had the sudden thought that it might be fun to express this memory through LEGO.

However, I thought the chess board alone would not be enough to truly capture this memory, so I added details from the park that inspired me. The parks in Korea that I often think about are a place where people of every age congregate. It is a place where the elderly spend their time playing chess, a place where children have fun, and a place where college students relax while reading books. The chess game I depicted here is Eastern chess. So, I made this with that experience in mind.

The title of this work is Chess Park.

As you can see, the main characteristic of this project is the chess theme.
On one side of the park, there is a huge chessboard. In addition, the floor was made to repeat two colors like a chessboard, and next to the tree is a statue made with a King motif, one of the pieces from chess.

I've tried to capture all the park's characteristics. I put a Korean chess board called Janggi to the bench. And I put the tree throughout the park. The tree features autumn leaves, and it is intended to be more colorful than a green tree in spring.

Thank you for watching my work and listening to my whole story. I hope that the supporters will be reminded of good memories while checking it out.

Thank you.

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