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The SkyHome


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This is the LEGO SkyHome! This is a giant four story LEGO house. It is also filled with many fun things in the yard.

The Yard; one of the things the yard includes is a treehouse. The treehouse has a chair,flower pot, and a plate of pizza. There is also a pool with a deck and a golf course that actually works. The front door has a long sidewalk leading up to it for easy access.

Floor  1. The first floor is the meeting and eating place. It has a kitchen with stove and fridge on one side and a dining table on the other. There is a computer and record player in the back.

Floor 2. Floor two is the kids bedroom. This includes two beds, two computers, and a few posters thrown around in some places.

Floor 3. This is the parents bedroom. The parents bedroom has a bed, hat hanger, two desks, and a flower pot and poster.

Floor 4. This is the final and smallest floor. It has a bathroom with toilet in one corner and a couch in another. There is also a mini fridge and computer area.

Decks; there is a different deck for the top three floors. One has a chair and umbrella and the others just have windows.

Roof; the roof has a flag and dark red slopes on top.

I think this would be a very fun set and would be about 80 to 100$ US dollars. Thanks for checking my project out and I hope that I can reach ten thousand.

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