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Camera Dolly mobile platform

LEGO powered robo mobile phone dolly

This is a mobile platform used for slow motion sequences with attached camera, such as a mobile phone.

Features consisting of:
* simple & flexible design
* JOBY Gorillapod used as mount for heavy DSLR, could be replaced if only phone is used.
* dolly assembly
* Trailer end (fixed width)
* Tractor end, not rigidly attached, so it can point in any direction, ie doesn't have to be a straight line
* camera. There is enough torque on the ridiculously geared down small electric motor to haul a DSLR,

Here is a test video:

Future features to be considered:
* implement safety features - collision detection (motor stop) + cliff sensor
* robotic control of single steering (for more repeatable sequences)
* multiple steering wheels
* camera tilt
* inverted gondola mode

Gear ratio turns drive very slowly

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