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Rock Island Lighthouse


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Rock Island Lighthouse playing set (with interior)

This lighthouse design comes with a blue base plate, a lighthouse with interior, a motorboat and three minifigures: The scuba diver, maintenance engineer and lighthouse keeper. Would like to give them all names but please feel free to suggest some!

This playable set has a little bit of space for minifigures inside. Divided over four floors, minifigures can be set up to do their jobs. Some details about this set and its interior:

  • Second floor pulley 
  • Spare lights storage floor for maintenance
  • Basement floor workspace with telephone
  • Maintenance floor with control room
  • Top floor with firehouse light
  • Sculptured rock with details like windows, plants and fences
  • Dock with stairway to the lighthouse entrance
  • Three minifigures included
  • Motorboat with cabin
  • A lantern, seagulls, starfish and some tools.

All floors have access from the back that is open. 

This set will take about +/- 700 pieces to build.


- Led light implementation. There is space below the top floor to hide the battery and electronics.
- Working pulley. Using the lighthouse top to wind up the chains. 

If you like this set please hit the support button. Also, please help me share this design! I need your help to make this set reality. If you have any feedback or comments, please let me know.

Thank you for visiting my project!


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