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Carter Street Shopping Center


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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to check out my project, the Carter Street Shopping Center!

This is my first-ever modular MOC, and it is a sports fan shop on the left side of the first floor, an ice cream shop on the right side of the first floor, a hobby train store on the second floor, and the building's owner's apartment on the third floor. This modular measures about 28.5 centimeters/11.25 inches tall, 25 cm/10 in wide, and I estimate that I used around 1,800 pieces to build it. With it come twenty-four minifigures.

The store on the left side of the first floor is a sports fan store, and it sells jerseys for certain players, plus special team-licensed sweatpants and team hats. It is a bit boring because they have just moved into the place, and the lone cashier works very hard to move quickly while giving every shopper a quality experience.

The store on the right side of the first floor is an ice cream shop with a large ice cream dispensing machine in the back (it is a soft-serve ice cream store), and again, one lone employee works the place. She must work extremely hard, however, because the small place gets a lot of business. The wall is also decorated with lots of bright, vibrant colors to attract customers.

A set of stairs between the shops leads to the second floor, which is a hobby train store. On one side is an assortment of boxes full of hobby trains and track, with two cashiers working the place and keeping everybody satisfied. On the other side of the store is a board full of the store's various awards on the wall and a full train layout on the table, which takes up most of this side of the shop. On the layout is a set of track, plus a city and a mountain tunnel.

On the third floor, the studio apartment of the building's owner has an older-style TV and a couch facing it so that the family living in the place can watch TV comfortably, and a kitchenette provides a way for the family to make food without having to go out all the time. There is a dining table inside, but the family can also choose to go outside and eat on the deck. Above the indoor dining table, there is the bed for the family. On the roof, there is a snowy owl and a nice decoration that makes the building look much nicer.

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