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Everybody Loves Raymond


Likewise most sitcoms, Everybody Loves Raymond has its emotional impact on its viewers and I feel very sentimental and nostalgic about the 25th anniversary of the series. The year 2021 is highly anticipated and very special for the die-hard fans including myself. A year promising to be full of positive feelings and warm memories of those good old days when life was more entertaining with this unique and enjoyable sitcom.

I hope that the Everybody Loves Raymond set would touch a wider range of audience – not only the fans of the series itself, but also any sort of people as well, including children who could be attracted by the fact that the figurines represent a whole family and every character has its own personality.

LEGO is my hobby and I find that it can appeal to many collectors, because there are products from DUPLO (for the youngest) to 18+ (for grown-ups). Everybody Loves Raymond offers something to everyone.

Piece count: 1705

Minifigures: 9

Characters: The Barones – Ray, Debra, Robert, Amy Macdougall, Frank, Marie, Michael, Geoffrey, Ally and Shamsky (piece 65388pb02).

Everybody loves LEGO.

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