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SnowBrick Mountain - Working Ski Resort


Let there be movement!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for the support so far, I'm excited to cross 100 supporters and receive the additional time to reach 10,000!

Some of you requested videos of the movement features in this set, so please see below!

In order for our skiers to keep their momentum and consistently travel down the slope I had to make some modifications to the height of the top slope and the angle of the ski lift. Please see the image below for the update, I think it looks fantastic and really gives a good sense of the height you gain while traveling up the mountain!

The last addition this go-around is a ski resort classic...the rental shop! Swing on by to try out some new boards or skis and hit the slopes!


100 Milestone

Thank you all so much for the support to reach this first milestone!

I look forward to sharing some small updates/improvements to this set as we set our sights on the next milestone of 1,000!

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