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New-York City - Taxi & Subway Station


This set, entitled « New-York City – Taxi & Subway Station » , is based on a portion of a New-yorker street, including the entrance of a subway station, a taxi station, a taxi, a telephone booth, trash cans, mailbox,  as well as 4 minifigs.


The street portion itself, is based on a 32x32 base plate, including the NYC Taxi Station, as well as the entrance of the Subway Station.
The base color for the Subway Station (and the mailbox) is sand green.
The pavement has been made in dark grey, whereas the road portion is in black.

The telephon booth, based on a 4x4 plate, is in light grey, and dark blue, with transparent bricks for the windows. There is just enough place for a minifig to stand in.
The trash cans are in green, can be opened, with some hollow space inside.
A fire hydrant is also present in  dark red.

The taxi cab itself is in ist traditional yellow color, with some black stripes. The doors can be opended.

This set comprises 4 minifigs : the Taxi driver, 2 policemen, and a woman with her baby in a pram.

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