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ZEN - Desktop Garden


Zen is a mini zen garden that you place on your desktop, at work or at home.

Unlike other zen gardens you don’t have to place sand on this zen garden, instead it comes with tiled sand markings you can reposition to make different patterns.  

Relax and take a deep breath when you build the patterns or fill it with your own sand and use the lego rake.

Included in the set:

  • Stone Statue
  • Plants - bamboo plant and shrubs
  • Zen stones 
  • Rocks
  • Rake
  • Black box base
  • Printed Tiles in 3 different pattern and regular no print tiles

Set features:  

  • Tiled Sand - no real sand needed 
  • Modular system makes it easy to put what you like - add or remove a stone or a bush
  • 3 designs of tiled sand that can be lined up make lines on the zen garden - comes in:
    • ​Wave Pattern
    • Straight Pattern
    • Radial Pattern​
  • Gold and Black color scheme 
    The gold color mimics sand if you look close enough.

Great for people who are stressed out all the time and need to build something to relax.

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