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Findus and Pettson's Dining Room

  Findus and Pettson is an old storybook series for children.  Pettson is a strange old man who lives on a farm with his funny talking cat Findus. They are written by a Swedish author, Sven Nordqvist. The illustrations are beautiful, and the stories are witty and charming. Even I, a thirteen-year-old, like to read them. My younger siblings also like these books, so I thought I’d create a nice model of one of their favorite storybooks.
        I decided that I would create Findus and Pettson’s dining room, as this is where many of the stories begin and finish. One of the most iconic things, to me, in the illustrations of these books is the clutter of Pettson’s house shown in these pictures. So, I put lots of different dishes and utensils on the table to try to replicate that. On the table, if you look closely, you can see many different things, such as saucers, cups and pitchers. Also, on the table are two muckles (small green creatures that hide in small places in Pettson's house, another one of Nordzvist's wacky creations!). I covered the table with white plates to look like a table cloth. By the table, there are two chairs and a bench. On the bench is old Pettson reading his newspaper and on one of the chairs is Findus the cat. Behind the bench, there is a picture (made with a 2x4 tile). However, I really want a sticker to make this picture more detailed, so if you know of a place where I can order custom stickers, please tell me in the comment section. Going on, there is also a small blue shelf (made using SNOT, Studs Not On Top). On this shelf there is an orange radio and a white 2x2 tile to represent Pettson’s collection of papers. On one wall, I built a white window pane, made with a lot of 1x1 bricks, plates and tiles. Partially covering this window pane are yellow curtains made with tiles.
        Anyway, I hope you like this model, and please support it if you do. I would also appreciate it if you left a comment about it. Also, please help this model to get more supporters by sharing it on social media, and with your family and friends. Don’t forget to check out my other models on my profile too. Thanks!

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