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Air Jordan 1 Chicago

Who here is a fan of sneakers or Lego?

We all know the Air Jordan 1 Chicago is one of the most iconic shoes in the sneaker world. Released in 1985 it made its debut and since then, there have been many variants along the way. It is well known for its colors such as the bold red with black and white accents.

In my Lego form, I have created the same iconic shoe such as colors, details, and elements to get the shape as accurate as possible. Obviously there is no shoe without laces which is why I used 1x1 bricks with technic holes to add real laces.

Some inspiration came from the Lego Adidas Original Superstar that came out years ago. Laces was one of them, but another would add the logos such as the Nike Air and the Air Jordan wing logo. It would be nice to add a stand with a plaque that mentions details and facts about the shoe. 

Overall I am very happy with how it turned out and hopefully someday it gets placed on shelves. There have been other great submissions of the same idea and some have made it to approval, but later rejected which is why I want to take an opportunity of my own to get a submission in. 

With your help and support, we can take another opportunity for Lego to bring the iconic shoe into bricks. Whether you are a fan of sneakers, basketball, Nike, or just Lego, this would be a great piece to add as it can bring various groups together. I think this would be a set that Lego cannot miss out on.

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