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The Scientific Observation Centre

The ancient observatory is located in the depths of a wild desert it allows a team of scientists and researchers to explore the universe.

in this imaginary world and thanks to the magic of the brick this set with the original appearance of the building gives it a whimsical note with the whole wheel of the clock and the appearance of the colors with which Jai more played

George the hero of the set he is a scientist and you will get to know him by entering the building at the level of the large giant telescope that occupies most of the set that you will have the opportunity to tilt up and down in order to explore the star.

there are also 2 other assistants who help George observe the constellation one that you will find on the large central terrace and the other near the other telescope

this project and consists of 1834 pieces of brick it was manufactured using LDD software. I hope that you will like the work done and that you will vote for my project.

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