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Betta Splendens


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The Betta is one of the most beautiful freshwater fish in the world. (Scientific Name: Betta Splendens)

I have had many Betta fish over the years, and their intelligence level makes them wonderful pets. They can learn tricks and learn to recognize you, and they do such an excited little dance when they see you at feeding time. Bettas are also one of the most misunderstood fish, as their beauty combined with their hearty constitution leads people to believe they can just be "decorations" with minimal care. In fact, Bettas thrive in aquarium tanks with the proper space, heating elements, water quality, filters, and ornaments, just like all other fish. They will reward you for taking care of them correctly by greeting you when you visit their tank, but they will also find a favorite hiding spot when they want some alone time!

A Betta LEGO set would be an amazing way to educate people about these wonderful fish. It would offer an opportunity for people to display the beauty of the Betta without having to worry about maintenance activities or cost - ensuring live Bettas aren't kept in suboptimal conditions.

This set is 1331 pieces and includes a Betta held up by two technic axle based stands, a tree stump ornament, a few freshwater plants, and a little snail friend to keep the algae under control ;). I kept the base fairly free of clutter to avoid taking too much focus away from the fish itself. Included on the base is a small sign with the Betta's scientific name on a printed 1x6 tile. I am also presenting a second color option, and possibly a real set could offer the opportunity to customize the color of the scales and fins. This seems to be a recent (and awesome) trend with official sets. Another customization option included is an alternate way to build the head based on whether or not you want to show off the characteristic Betta "flare".

This set could make a wonderful display piece for your home, office, classroom, or waiting room! Please support and share with your friends!

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