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LEGO Star Citizen

update: 2/19/14
Unfortunately, the CPU fan on my only computer decided it was a fine time to burn out for no reason at all. This being why I have been unable to update the project or do any work at all for quite some time. This has been fixed now, so I can get back to working on the ships.

As per Cuusoo's new rules, this project will begin to focus on one product, and not multiples. This will be up for voting when this project reaches 100 supporters. At present I am thinking that the best option would be the Hornet, but once again, it will be up for voting.

As for new ships being posted, I may have to put that off for a bit. The only ship I feel that urgently needs to be made is the Scythe, and the Mustang. I've already started on the Scythe, but can't build the Mustang until I know what it looks like, which I believe, will be on Friday.

NOTE: I have reached the point where I can no longer fit all the ships on this page, as such I will be bumping the 300i off. Remember all ships are still viewable in my Imgur albums.

Star Citizen is an upcoming space combat and trading simulator, it is currently in the process of being developed by Cloud Imperium Games, otherwise known as Roberts Space Industries. It's known for being the highest raising crowd funded project of all time, with over 30 million dollars raised, as of November 24 2013; and 309,897 backers as of the same date.

My hope with this Lego Star Citizen project, is that we can harness the same amazing Star Citizen community that is making the game itself a reality, in order to make Lego Star Citizen a reality as well.

To begin with, I will be presenting my prototypes (and let me emphasise the prototype part) of several of the ships. There is a poll where it is possible to vote on the next ship that will be worked on. This poll is reset every two weeks, the next date of reset being March 2. At the time of the reset, I will view the results and use them to determine which ships I should focus on building.
I would also like to note that these are all built to fit minifigures.
Important Links

Ship voting poll

My Imgur albums, with pictures of early versions of current models, along with micro scale versions, and other cool stuff.

Official Star Citizen website

Current progress:
Gladiator: is complete, view pictures below.

Hornet: Prototype version completed, if voted on, I will start work on variants.

300i: Prototype version completed. If voted on, I will start work on variants.

Aurora: Prototype version completed. If voted on, I will start work on variants.

Freelancer: Prototype version completed.

Avenger: Just started on it, have some concepts and am working from those. We'll say 10% complete.

Constellation/P52/Scythe/Retaliator/M50/Caterpillar/Starfarer are not currently being worked on, if you would like them to be worked on, please vote for them in the poll above in the links section.

The Anvil Aerospace T8A Gladiator

The top voted ship in the last poll was the MISC Freelancer, ain't it purdy?

Proudly presenting the RSI Aurora Essential! If you would like variants of the Aurora (Deluxe, Marque, Clipper, Legionnaire) to be produced, please vote for them in the poll located in the links section.

Drake Cutlass.

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