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The Venus Flytrap


The venus flytrap is a well known carnivores plant, and its scientific name is Dionaea muscipula. It is native to the south eastern United States. Venus flytraps use tiny hairs on the inside of their traps to capture prey, as the trap closes when 2 or more hairs are touched within a few seconds of each other. 

This set shows 1 flytrap, which is scaled up about 3 times. The set includes 1 fly (although the plant doesn't usualy catch them), one ant, a display plate, and a flytrap plant. Unfortunantly, with the hinge pieces I used, the traps can't close all the way, but other than that it is very accurate. So this would make a great set because of that, and because it is so well known. That said, I only built it for fun.

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