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Holiday Gingerbread House


Add on the Brownie Convertible for the Ginger family

So What else could the Gingerbread Family Drive? Well, looks like Papa Gingerbread got a nice new ride! The Brownie Convertible!

The idea for this would be the holiday exclusive addition to the set. Like the current promotion, buying a certain $$ amount, you'll get this cool ride to add to the set. 

The Gingerbreads like to head out from time to time!

A new car is always nice to have!

Some of the details, using the new 1x1 round tiles with prints for small candy additions.

Croissant is a nice touch. 

So for this, I would incorporate the use of the Dark Brown elements, the Dark Orange, and white for the "trim". It would be even cooler to get white tires, and maybe some special rims for the car, more "baked" items, maybe? 

Hard to add too much candy trim, but maybe a little more frosting! Also, perhaps a special license plate? 


More Shots of Gingerbread House and Additional detail

There was a request for some more detail shots, and I did forget to include some interesting details that will make this set even more dynamic!

On the side of the Chimney is built in yellow light Brick, which when pressed will light up the fireplace inside the living room.

So When I mentioned the Father Gingerbread man was sitting in front of a warm fire! It will look like it. (Maybe he's finishing his 'baking'?)

The lounge chair can look a like a baked item, or frosted for extra fun.

There is a candy chandelier in the house, can be any color really. 

Kitchen is tiled, it could be made of more "peppermint" style colors or even 2X2 Round tiles with starlight mint pattern (swirled) Which could be cool, but very busy! Front has some fun "lights" and I did use the candy cane trim everywhere. Side pillar support are all peppermint style. I also though croissant door handles are a fun touch. Maybe even use more Minifig baking accessories all over?Finally the entire Family. In this case, why only use the mould for the Minifigure collectable series? Why not give make 3 new prints, a Gingerbread "Dad" with the current print. A "Gingerbread Mom" (Gingerbread Lady?) with eyelashes! :) And a Gingerbread child. The Child can use short legs or maybe a 1x2 brick. The apron and skirt are from other Minifigure series figures, but can be perfect here!

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