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Fire Truck


The Fire Truck is a robust vehicle, with enough room for many firemen and with lots of details and features included ( if you want to see a short video animation, you can access this link:


At the front of the truck, there are: two bumpers, a registration number, two lights, side view mirrors that can move, and also a big trans-dark windscreen. For getting inside the cabin, the firemen climb some stairs that are positioned on the sides of the vehicle. There are four white doors ( two on each side ) that can open. The big roof with the red and blue lights can be removed for seeing better the details from the cabin. Inside is room for three firemen: the driver in the front and two other firemen in the back. Also inside, a steering wheel, a lever and a panel for checking if there is enough water in the back of the truck, can also be found.

Onto the sides. On one side, there are:

  • holders for different kinds of accessories;
  • various details;
  • two big compartments ( the first one includes a gas mask and an ax, and the second one includes three fire extinguishers with two breathing apparatuses );
  • a spare hose;
  • and two little compartments ( the first one is empty and the second one has a red megaphone inside).

The other side looks the same. The only differences between the two sides are the accessories from the big and small compartments. The first big compartment from the other side has the main hose in it, and the second compartment has two axes placed side by side. Inside the small compartments, a yellow cup for water and a flashlight can be found.

Finally, at the back of the vehicle are: two orange lights, the same registration number, red and white patterns, and a ladder for getting on the top of the vehicle. On the top of the fire truck are two connected ladders.

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