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Modular Food Store


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The organic food store has been built for the Lego minifigures to have a place in which they could socialize and eat healthy too. The predominant color of the building is reddish-brown, with some red plates in the walls, to make the structure look older. Although it seems old, inside is very modern.

The first floor ( the organic food store itself ) has a counter where Squidward, a very hard-working employee, is happily serving the customers. At the sides of the counter are also: a place to keep cool cakes, a blender and some shelfs where different sorts of condiments are kept. Next to the place where Squidward works are some tabels, where the clients enjoy their food and drinks. The last important corner that it is at the last floor is where a baker makes fresh bread every day for the hungry mini figures.

On to the second floor. Here is an apartment ( not the owners apartment ) in which Commander Cody lives. He had enough with war, and now he wants to relax in the Lego city. The apartment includes:

  • a kitchen;
  • a minibar where Cody is serving his homemade food;
  • a relaxation area;
  • a hallway;
  • a bedroom;
  • and finally, a bathroom.

The third floor is represented by the roof. On the roof, there are two solar panels for the electricity and water of the building. Those solar panels are connected by a cable that leads into a control panel with an opening door. On the roof are also: two air cleaners, a table and a chair. By the way, the back of the store does exist, but pictures of it will come in the following updates.


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