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Wayne's World


This set is inspired by Wayne's World movie. This is a story about two young men who have create a small television show about their life and music totally crazy !

the set is composed of 2 dioramas :

- the recording studio (the under cave of the house of Wayne)

- the Music Store

The recording studio can show the 2 armchairs, the big fridge, a studio camera, 2 floodlights, a television and all the decoration of this room : flags of Chicago Baseball teams (Chicago Bears, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs), Floor lamp, guitar amplifier.

The music Store is the famous place where Wayne goes to show the guitar of his dreams (a white Fender Stratocaster). We can find also others guitars, drums, electric piano. and also the famous signboard with the inscription : No Stairway To Heaven !

4 minifigs are provided : Wayne Campbell, Garth Algar, Cassandra Wong, the music store seller

this set is composed of more than 700 pieces

I hope you will enjoy it 

thanks for all your supports

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