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Tmnt (Classic Edition)

Tmnt is popular again! But what about the fans from the 80's? When the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were at their highest in popularity children of the 80's went nuts!!! Now those kids (like myself) have good paying jobs and would love to rebuild their childhood with these sets!

The lair is three stories with water flowing from a pipeline in the front. Living quarters on the first floor, a subway system on the second level, and a street with city accessories on the third level! The Turtle van is always a necessity!

We love buying our kids toys but this is Tmnt History and just because our bodies age doesn't mean our hearts grow up! We adult fans need this to share and create with our children as a common denominator to join in the Imagination time with our children!

Thank you to all who support my designs! Cowabunga!!!

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