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Korean Famous Building in mini modular scale

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Korea is small country in far east asia. Korea is surrounded by strong countries like Russia, Japan,China. Even though, Korea had been invaded by those countries in many times, but it preserves it's own history and culture.

I live in Korea. And I think there're many things to explain Korea, but these three buildings represents recent 7 hundred years.

The first one is "Sungnyemoon" built by Chosun dynasty in 1396. It's southern gate of castle which surrounds capitol, Seoul. It's the most busy gate of Seoul.

As you know, it was made in Lego 21016. I changed it into 8x8 mini modular scale. Cute and quite good to place with 21016.

Recently it was burnt and rebuilt.

And the second one is "Seoul Station".

It was built in 1900. It's heart of seoul from that time to now. This is old Seoul Station which is now utilized as museum.

This is composed 3 part of 8x8 modules and one platform.

This is decomposed set of seoul station.

Station is composed of three parts which can be composed like "L" formation.

Extension is possible.

This is decomposed set of seoul station.

The last one is "63 building".

It was built in 1985 which was tallest building outside of America in that time.

" It was designed by the American architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM).[1] At 249 meters (817 ft) high." - from wikipedia.

This building represents fast growth of Korean economy after 1945 Korean War.

All 3 buildings are in Seoul,Korea. Those represents Korea, I think.

I hope you also like these buildings and Korea.


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