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Minecraft Story Mode - Ivor's Basement


Welcome to Minecraft Story Mode!  This is the Lego version of the scene where Jesse enters into Ivor's basement.  Jesse is sneaking into the basement unbeknownst to Ivor. Jesse thinks he is prepared to defeat Ivor in order to find the diamond that Ivor owes him!  During his search for the diamond, he encounters many dangers in the basement!  This set includes 3 Minecraft Minifigures: Jesse, Ivor, and Rueben (see picture).

The target audience for this set would be Minecraft fans ages 12 and under.  This is a simple inexpensive set with a quick build that leaves room for a builder's imagination.  This set could be used in conjunction with other existing Minecraft Lego sets.  Eventually, other story mode Minecraft Lego sets could be combined with this set. 

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