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Venus, Steve Job's Yacht


Venus is the 80 mt long yacht designed by Philippe Starck for Steve Jobs before he sadly passed away; this incredible boat was unveiled in 2012 in the Netherlands. When I saw it I immediately thought it was in my opinion one of the most beautiful yachts I've ever seen due to its clean and minimal lines.
I thought it would be an inetresting thing to build one made of Lego bricks inspired by the real one, so I started my project with LDD.
I wanted to do one which could be "real" in the Lego world, so it is in scale with the Real Venus, and assuming 80 mt long would correspond at about 45 people lying one by another, I calculated that the Lego Venus should be 45 minifig long, and if a minifig is about 5 studs long, the Lego Venus should have been about 215-230 studs long, and so I did.
I found a lot of images on the web, and I tried to be as similar as I could to make it seem like the real one. For the external appearence I had no problems, thanks to the several images, but I (nobody but the owners) had no idea of how it is in the inside, how the interiors are, so I tried to imagine them by myself.
Let's start from the outside:
Venus has 5 decks, which I made in this way:
- deck 0 "services deck": engines, command room for engines, kitchen, crew cabins (master cabin for captain, 2 singles cabin, 4 double cabins)
- deck 1 "master deck": owner's cabin, 2 deluxe cabin, SPA & Wellness, Tender room with 2 boats and cranes for put them in the water
- deck 2 "living room": dining room, 2 living rooms, external deck with round swimming pool and external patio
- deck 3 "command deck": command area with the console to pilot the yacth, open bar for the second external patio
- deck 4 "antennas": little area with all the antennas and communication systems.

The set includes 13 minifigs:
- Mr. Jobs and wife
- the Captian
- the Cook
- the Chief of the sailors
- 3 male sailors
- 4 female sailors
- the mechaninc

- all the decks are linked with stairs, all the decks are fully playable because each single area of the yacth is fully indipendent and you can move any part to access another and play and use each single cabin/area.
- At the deck 2 a big apple is designed on the floor. 
- all areas has furniture thata are similar and each area has its own color like the whole interior design was made like in the reality by the same designer

I hope you can understand all the project from the pictures, naturally I don't have all the bricks to build one :-)
I encountered some problems trying to make renderings with POV-RAY so I decided to use LDD screenshot and some custom background, which I added to the screenshots.

You can find here some informations about the real Venus.:

In the end, I just want to say my only intent with this project is to pay tribute to such a great mind like Mr. Jobs and not use his name for other purpose which are not related to this Lego idea.

Technical data:

- About 215 studs long
- 32 studs width
- 10920 pieces

That's all. Thanks in advance for your appreciation and support.

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