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Le Jardin de l'Art Nouveau " The Garden of Art Nouveau "

This build is my homage to the pioneers of the Art Nouveau Movement. Popular from 1890's to the 1910's it is often inspired by natural forms such as the sinuous curves of plants and flowers. Other characteristics of Art Nouveau were a sense of dynamism and movement, often given by asymmetry or "whiplash" curves, and the use of modern materials, particularly iron, glass, ceramics and later concrete, to create unusual forms and larger open spaces.

From concept to production the build consumed about a day. I started with a modular archway then replicated it to enclose a space. Made the archway as " light " as i could by using thin and in keeping with the theme curvy materials. to make the structure more dynamic and alive texture wise, used shades of green to distinguish ornamental and structural forms capping with a red roof for contrast. Placed a total of 8 micro figs on the archway entrances to represent the men and women who contributed to the development of the Art Nouveau movement.

The whole build consist of 1662 bricks including 1 minifig. Enjoy =)

This is my 66th build and hopefully more to come. As with my previous sets this is fully playable. If you like this model please do support and share this build to your friends and your social network.

Your opinions, suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Thank you and Happy Building =)

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