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Frecce Tricolori PAN


Frecce Tricolori: literally "Tricolour Arrows".

Is the acrobatic demonstration team of the Italian Aeronautica Militare,PAN Italian Acrobatic Airplane, The airplane is the Aermacchi MB339.

This is the Italian Acrobatic Airplane, the group is composed of 10 airplanes.

This is a reproduction of one. The cover is openable, and the flaps can move. Italian Acrobat Airplanes Group is the most numeric acrobat group in the world, 10 ariplanes. This airplane has 1 motor, and 2 tanks on the wings. Also in the lower side it's possible to see italian flag. The colors are too similar to the original airplane.

You can play with this Lego, simulating the flight of the ariplane. The n.10 is colled "fee-styler", because he does free style acrobatic on air. During an exibition, they will draw on the sky favolous immages, like Heart, arrows...

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