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Uh-Oh! Mr Zsasz has escaped in his speedy Dragster and Batman has to peg him back on his Fire-Spitting Bat-Bike before he terrorizes Gotham! Fire the flick-fire missiles to smash that daring dragster back to Arkham Asylum! Or are you a trouble-maker and fire the powerful cannons to send the Bat back to basics! Has 2 minifigures: Victor Zsasz and Batman in an improved version of the grey 2006 Batsuit and Victor Zsasz possesses a knife.
Sorry about the poor quality of the Victor Zsasz minifigure.

Above: Possible Description

This is a small £12.99 with two small vehicles of which are Victor Zsasz' Dragster and Batman' Bat-Buggy. Victor Zsasz will have tallies all over his body and Batman is in, like I said in the description, A improved version of the 2006 Grey Batsuit. Enjoy!

View of the Rear of the set: You can see the cannons and the Fire spitting out of the Buggy and Dragster.

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